Comfortable Computing Initiative
Comfortable Computing Initiative

Create: Tools for Planning Your Own Space

Make a Work Base that Keeps You Comfortable

Most of us assume the common stresses and strains we feel throughout the workday are just part of the computing experience. But that need not be the case—you can benefit by creating your own personalized “work base.” The tools and resources below will help.

If computing for longer than a couple hours, take these steps for ergonomic wellness:

1. Establish Neutral Posture

Before and After

Work should fit the worker rather than making the worker adjust to fit his or her work.

Start by designing the ideal workspace to fit your body:

2. Make Voluntary Motions

Unintentional body movements during the course of work have an important purpose: To prevent strain and fatigue.

  • Calorie-Burn Calculator—See the difference standing vs. sitting makes during the work day
  • Sitting-Time Calculator—Evaluate how much you sit each day and learn ways to reduce that time
  • Ergonomic Mounts & Furniture—Use equipment that can easily adjust to changes in your posture that occur throughout the day. Specifically, this means having an adjustable chair, display mount and keyboard tray
  • Payback Calculator—Determine the return on investment for the purchase of ergonomic equipment
Office Exercise
An easy office exercise routine
can make a big difference!

3. Take Rest Time

Timely rest breaks compensate for periods of static posture and repetitive action.

  • Take a mini-break of 2 to 3 minutes for each half-hour work; for every two hours, take a break of 15 minutes.

Interactive Tools

“Find the Errors” Game

Restorative Help

Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day!
~ Office Space (film)