Comfortable Computing Initiative
Comfortable Computing Initiative

Create: Tools for Planning Your Own Space

Workspace Planner Tool

Follow the steps below when planning your workstation. The values displayed will help you place your equipment to establish a Neutral Posture, the basis of a comfortable computing workstation. Be sure to also try the Workspace Assessment Tool to evaluate your current working conditions.


Do you want sit-stand adjustment?

 No      Yes

Are bifocals used?

 No      Yes

Unit of measurement?

 Inches      Centimeters

Remember! Even if your workspace is set up properly you can still get muscle fatigue from maintaining the same posture for too long—adjust the position of your monitor, keyboard and chair as your posture changes.

  • Include shoe height to figure proper measurement
  • Values are based on the 1988 Anthropometric Survey of the U.S. Army Personnel
  • See Ergonomics Data & Mounting Heights (PDF) for more information

Interactive Tools

“Find the Errors” Game

Restorative Help

The machine should adapt to the human, not the human to the machine.
~ Joseph Sweere, D.C.