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Product Guide for Ergonomic Furniture

See which product features you should consider when creating a comfortable computing space. Then check out resellers who specialize in ergonomic equipment so you can compare different models. Click images below for details.

Ergonomic Chairs
Keyboard and Mouse Trays
Monitor Mounts, Stands and Arms
Stand Up Desks and Adjustable Workstations
Ergonomic Chairs Keyboard and Mouse Trays Monitor Mounts, Stands and Arms
Stand Up Desks and Adjustable Workstations

Click images above for details about each product category

Finding the Right Chair

When selecting a ergonomic chair, consider its ability to conform to your body, its adaptability to changing tasks, and how it can make the most of your space. To that end, an ideal chair should have features like those listed below, and the mechanisms that control adjustment must be easy to use.

  • Seat Tilt & Rotation
  • Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment
  • Seat-Depth Adjustment
  • Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Back-Angle Adjustment
  • Adjustable/Removeable Arms
  • Five-Leg Base with Casters

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Finding the Right Keyboard and Mouse Tray

The standard height of a worksurface is often higher than the proper height for a keyboard. Therefore, a keyboard tray can be a necessity. Besides saving desk space, a good tray will also provide adjustment capability for comfortable data entry—see below for features to consider. Mechanisms that control adjustment should be easy to use.

  • Height Adjustment
  • Backward Tilt
  • Side-to-Side Swivel
  • Slide Under Surface Capability
  • Integrated Mouse Tray
  • Accommodation of Wrist Rest
  • Stability

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Finding the Right Monitor Mount

When choosing a monitor mount, first determine the available space and how you’ll use your display (sitting, standing or both). Then evaluate the best attachment solution: LCD stand or monitor arm; desk clamp, grommet mount or wall mount. Remember when selecting a mount where multiple people use a display, height adjustment becomes paramount. Always consider ease of adjustment.

  • Height Adjustment
  • Tilt Adjustment
  • Extend/Retract Adjustment
  • Side-to-Side Swivel
  • Portrait-to-Landscape Rotation
  • Footprint (space usage)
  • Stability

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Finding the Right Adjustable Desk

To outfit your workspace for a sit-stand work routine, either get a conversion kit, which will turn your current desk into a sit-stand workstation, or get a full stand-up desk that moves the entire worksurface. Look for an easy-to-use design; it will make it more likely that you’ll actually adjust the unit’s height and change your posture. See below for the essential factors that you should consider.

  • Ease & Speed of Adjustment
  • Stability & Construction Quality
  • Worksurface Height when Seated & Standing
  • Adequate Motion Range (vertical 20 inches/50 cm recommended)
  • Weight Capacity

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Interactive Tools

“Find the Errors” Game

Restorative Help

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