Comfortable Computing Initiative
Comfortable Computing Initiative

Educate: Learn About Ergonomics

The Ergonomic Equation = A Simple Solution

Computing comfort starts with paying attention to your body’s experience. With that as the basis, ergonomics can actually be simple. Indeed, just three basic elements define what we call the Ergonomic Equation. Added together they equal workplace wellness, which means less bodily strain and fewer repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

Neutral Posture

  • Feels positively natural & comfortable
  • Energy expendure is low
  • Minimizes stress to body, relieving potential RSIs
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Voluntary Motion

  • Relieves static-posture fatigue
  • Maintains body’s balance with surroundings
  • Improves circulation & increases metabolism
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Rest Time

  • Brief breaks regularly: take a walk or just stand up
  • Occasional stretching
  • Relaxes eyes & wrists as well as neck, shoulders & back
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