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Comfortable Computing Initiative

Educate: Learn About Ergonomics

Recommended Reading

Get more in-depth information from our ergonomics mini-library below. Flyers, white papers and online articles are categorized by topic.

  • Wellness & Health
  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • For Kids
  • General

Wellness & Health


  • Comfortable Portable Computing (PDF, white paper)
    An in-depth analysis of the physical challenges facing laptop users, with solutions for healthy computing in most any situation

Keyboards & Mice

Kids & Ergonomics

General Guides

  • NASA: Home and City
    Space is everywhere you look ... See how space is “designed” and its impact on our health and wellness
  • The Ergonomic Equation (PDF, flyer)
    The three-part equation that offers a simple solution to computing comfort
  • True Ergonomics (PDF, flyer)
    The five key positions required of your display and keyboard for proper ergonomics
  • Ergonomics Data & Mounting Heights (PDF, data sheet)
    Data tables that list anthropomorphic measurements of the adult population, with correlating data that determines adjustment ranges required to accommodate multiple computer users at a single station
  • Ergonomics and the Office of the Future (online article)
    Ezine Articles, by Wendy Young



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