Comfortable Computing Initiative
Comfortable Computing Initiative

Educate: Learn About Ergonomics

The Golden Rules of Comfortable Computing

Carrie Schmitz has been educating people about the importance of office ergonomics for over ten years. She has found the Ergonomic Equation for Comfortable Computing to be a powerful tool to encourage others to apply ergonomics to their own situations.

The Ergonomic Equation: Posture + Movement + Rest = Comfortable Computing

The guiding priciple behind the Ergonomic Equation for Comfortable Computing: your computer should adapt to you—not you to your computer. Forcing your body to comform to your computer can cause:

  • Fatigue
  • Discomfort
  • Pain

Over time, these can develop into more serious disorders. Learn more about how you can avoid computer-related disorders by watching this video, as Carrie Schmitz offers practical recommendations relating to posture, movement, and rest. By using our online tools, you’ll be able to evaluate your own computer workspace in just a few minutes, and learn how even simple adjustments can make a big difference when using your computer for extended periods of time.